Stock imagery: Cambridge University Libraries

January 5, 2020

To say this was a dream job for me would be an understatement. I have loved this library ever since I set foot in it at eighteen when I returned to Cambridge between terms at university and needed somewhere to study. The building was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1930s and it has the same distinctively bold, brutalist style aesthetic of his other famous designs such as Battersea Power Station and the Tate Modern. I love their simple, clean lines, symmetry and muted, earthy colours. The UL also has the most beautiful light with windows everywhere facing outwards to Cambridge and inwards to a courtyard.

These images are from my first day shooting in this particular library though I have been back for two extra days so far to cover some of the other libraries run by the University. I’ll put these in another blog post at some point.